RFS Works Ltd News

Date April 9th 2021
Investing in new equipment at both a site level and on the trains is increasing capacity, efficiency and our performance.

We’re leading the way with industry firsts, including the Liebherr LH 80 C Gantry Materials Handler, aka ‘the supergrab’, which has been installed at Tarmac’s Battersea concrete plant. We’re the first in the UK industry to install this kit, which offers energy leading performance and improved fuel efficiency, as well as enabling a significant improvement to site performance. The supergrab’s benefits include: • Faster offloading • Improved stock control on site, increasing the stocking area by more than 300% from around 2,000 tonnes to more than 6,000 tonnes • Increased delivery capacity – the site can now accept and offload 20 wagons per train, an increase of two wagons per delivery. This enables us to run an average of four trains a week, meaning more than 41,000 tonnes extra per annum is being delivered.