Key projects we've worked on

Client Cemex - Multiple Locations
Contractor Ashross LLC - Cemex
Date 2000 On-going
Volume Circa 1,500,000 tons per annum
Unloading & handling of aggregates and construction spoil from trains, haulage and earthworks for quarry restoration.

RFS has operated a number of rail terminal facilities and quarry restoration schemes working closely with Cemex teams at multiple locations to carryout bulk material handling of aggregates and construction waste materials.

Crawler and wheeled material handlers are supplied into rail terminals for the unloading of rail wagons, along with stockpiling and load out activities, wheeled loaders, articulated dump trucks and excavators are supplied at multiple locations for these on-going works, RFS has also provided full terminal management and operate services where all staff and operatives can be provided to carry out a full suite of site activities including weighbridge and bottom discharge rail unloading services.

Other works have included substantial earthworks for the restoration of the former Barrington cement works quarry void utilising spoil materials delivered by trains which were loaded and hauled into the deposition area by ADTs with the materials being pushed out and compacted in layers.